Quality assurance

Luna Quinto S.p.A. has always adopted innovative techniques and methodologies to guarantee the highest quality and reliability.

Nowadays we have decided to go beyond the simple ISO 9001 certification, going towards Lean Manufacturing. The aim is the application of work methodologies and organizational techniques that allow a real "quality", not based on the compilation of sterile forms imposed by who knows which consultant or quality manager, but on a more efficient and effective organizational model.

Lean Manufacturing, however, remains an organizational model that fits perfectly with the spirit of ISO 9001, because it starts from the same assumption and wants to achieve the same goal: continuous improvement.


Luna Quinto S.p.A. can boast the following certifications:


  • ISO 9001:2015

The acronym ISO 9000 identifies a series of standards and guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that define the requirements for the implementation within an organization of a quality management system, in order to conduct business processes, improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the realization of the product and service delivery, obtain and increase customer satisfaction.


  • ISO 3834-2:2005

Certification of one's welding quality system in accordance with ISO 3834 represents for companies operating in the welding sector a real opportunity for development, optimization and improvement of processes and performance. In fact, it allows the manufacturer of welded joints to implement proper planning of activities, an essential but critical element for the development of the production cycle and control of welds, consistent with the expected quality levels.


100% of our welders are in possession of the welder performance qualification (WPQ)

Our welding processes are WPS-PQR qualified for most structural steels. We can perform any type of certified welding on normal, wear-resistant and altoreesistant steels.


Our quality standards continue to reach high targets and increasingly prestigious awards.

We have been awarded the Caterpillar certificate as a supplier with advanced quality construction capabilities (BIQ).


We offer the possibility to perform measurements, non-destructive testing of welds, painting tests and many other types of certified controls.

We have two operators with second level certification for non-destructive testing.

We have qualified personnel with certifications of:

- Expert at level 3 of liquid penetrant method

- Expert at level 3 of the magnetic particles method

- Ultrasonic method level 3 expert

- Expert at level 3 of the X-ray method

Finally, our certified Quality Supervisor manages quality processes.