Luna Quinto S.p.A.

For more than 60 years, Luna quinto spa has been providing the best product solutions to its customers, thereby allowing them to excel in their fields.
The company has managed to carve out a leading position in the production of medium-heavy carpentry filed, both in National and International markets, keeping focused on the continuous updating of our production techniques.
Thanks to the constant updating of our production cycle, we can guarantee our quality standard in each step of our production process.
The presence of the company property allows us to have a greater focus on details, which differentiates us from our main competitors. Indeed, all members of Luna family hold a key role in the organization.

Strategy and purpose

Our business strategy focuses on solutions to help our customers lead the way in their industry.

We take care of our customers' needs, focusing our efforts on four areas:

- Take advantage of our core competencies: safety, quality, lean manufacturing and competitive cost control, to achieve operational excellence in every area of our production.

- Expand our cycle with new types of manufacturing. We want to ensure customer success through integrated and differentiated solutions.

- Rely more and more on services, with special attention to digital solutions and the "green" side.

- We offer the same level of quality from simple cut and bent, to the most complex structures to get a multi-level production and guarantee the same attention on every manufactured product.

Our values

In a company characterized by strong family management, respect for one's own values takes on even greater significance.

Through our Code of Conduct, we envision a work environment all can take pride in, a company others respect and admire and a world made better by our actions. Together, we are laying the foundation for the values-based culture that will carry us forward to even higher levels of success. Together, we are upholding the reputation of our company – and strengthening it for tomorrow.

CORRECTNESS IS THE FOUNDATION OF ALL WE DO. It is a constant. Those with whom we work, live and serve can rely on us. We align our actions with our words and deliver what we promise. We build and strengthen our reputation through trust. We do not improperly influence others or let them improperly influence us. We are respectful and behave in an open and honest manner. In short, the reputation of the enterprise reflects the ethical performance of the people who work here.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO BUILDING A BETTER WORLD. Sustainability is part of who we are and what we do every single day. We recognize progress involves a balance of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic growth. We consider this as we work toward a vision of a world in which people’s basic needs – such as shelter, clean water, education and reliable energy – are fulfilled. We provide work environments, products, services and solutions that make productive and efficient use of resources as we strive to achieve our vision. We believe this commitment supports the enduring success of our customers, stockholders, dealers and people.

Continuos improvement
WE SET AND ACHIEVE AMBITIOUS GOALS. The quality of our products and services reflects the power and tradition of Luna Quinto; the pride we take in what we do and what we make possible. We are passionate about people, process, product and service excellence. We are determined to serve our customers through innovation, continuous improvement, an intense focus on customer needs and a dedication to meet those needs with a sense of urgency.

WE EMBRACE OUR RESPONSIBILITIES. We make meaningful commitments – first to each other, and then to those with whom we work, live and serve. We understand and focus on the needs of our customers. We are responsible members of our communities who are dedicated to safety, care for our environment and manage our business ethically. 

The company

Our company is based in Campocavallo, a small village on the slopes of Osimo, rich in greenery, history and traditions.

Offices and production departments are concentrated in this single location to ensure maximum proximity and synergy between all sectors involved in our business. To date, we occupy an area of 30,000 square meters organized in two areas.

The first facility is in turn divided into three departments: cutting/bending, manual and robot welding, and sandblasting and painting surface treatments.

The second building, the most recent one, houses the mechanical machining department.

Finally, we have over 2,000 m2 of warehouse space to cope with the high variability of demand and increasingly tight delivery times.


In our social object, we integrate the aim of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere. We pursue positive effects on people, communities, territories and environment, cultural and social assets and activities, organizations and associations and other stakeholders.


U.S.D Osimana is the local football team that has been playing since 1922. For many years we have been the main sponsor of this reality. Our goal is to give support especially to the youth academy, which is a safe and healthy meeting place for more than 600 young people in the area.


Our company is located in Campocavallo, a small hamlet of Osimo. In this area the cycling culture has always been flourishing. The support of Luna Quinto S.p.A. for local cycling began in 1967 when, Quinto Luna with Adalberto Gabrielloni and others, founded the G.S. Luna Alfredo in honour of his prematurely deceased son. After more than 50 years of history, the same company today bears the name of G.S. Campocavallo, of which we remain one of the main sponsors.

Energie rinnovabili

Grazie alla collaborazione con Energy Resources, il 30% del nostro fabbisogno energetico giornaliero proviene da fonti rinnovabili. Il nostro obiettivo è diventare un’azienda ad impatto zero entro il prossimo decennio.


From the general management to the heads of each department, to have a multi-level vision, without leaving anything to chance

The administration
Luigi Luna

CEO of Luna Quinto Inc., he plays the role of Senior Manager in the technical and commercial department.

Giuseppina Luna

Honorary President of Luna Quinto Inc. manages the financial and legal aspect of the company.

Lanfranco Luna

Managing Director in charge of accounting and financial administration.

Alfredo Luna

Managing Director and head of production and welding department.

Michele Piermarini

Machining department manager.

Alessio Luna

Project manager

Davide Mariani

Cutting/bending department manager.

Mattia Montanari

Quality Supervisor.