One supplier, endless solutions.

From sheet metal to the finished product, the world of Luna Quinto S.p.A. involves a complete production cycle. Through a dedicated manager for each department, we guarantee care and quality in every single aspect. We make the most of the potential and versatility of our machinery to find the most suitable solution for every type of customer.

We work with structural, high-strength and wear-resistant steels.

Laser, Plasma and Oxy

We are equipped with all major sheet metal cutting technologies.

Our latest generation Trumpf fibre laser, with a working range of 2500 x 6000*, can cut up to 20mm thick** thanks to its 8 kW generator. This technology, combined with the automatic loading and unloading of the sheets, allows us to achieve optimum quality and versatility at low cost.

The two plasma cutting machines from PROMOTEC, have a working range of 3000 x 36000* and with 260 A generators, can cut up to 25mm**. The plant is also equipped with a multifunction head that allows drilling and threading up to M16** during the cutting phase.

The two 3000 x 40000* ESAB oxy cutting machines complete the cutting department, allowing us to process thicknesses up to 250mm

Finally, there are two saws for cutting pipes and profiles.


* Dimensions in mm

** These performances refer to structural steels

Cold plastic deformation

We have two hydraulic press brakes 6 meters long and 800 tons of power.

Another 400 ton hydraulic press with mobile mast is used to bring back to tolerance the deformations suffered by the various processes.

Two 3-roller calenders that can deform sheets up to 40 mm thick and 3 meters wide complete the department.


Thanks to the experience of our welders and the efficiency of our robots, our products are characterized by quality, safe, controlled and certified welding.

We have 4 "Cloos" welding robots, one of which is double wire. Each of them has two working zones with various rotating positioners that allow the system maximum productivity and flexibility.

The robots would be unusable if about 15 certified manual welders did not support them.

In Luna Quinto S.p.A. 100% of the welding is visually controlled. Upon customer's request, we can carry out any other type of certified check.

Machining by chip removal

Large size for small tolerances. The high performance of our milling cutters and lathes allows us to achieve results that are difficult to our competitors to achieve. The possibility to design a tailor-made tooling, gives us the maximum productive elasticity.

The FPT Area milling cutter and its smaller sister Verus are our most powerful machines. One 16 meters long and the other 8 meters long, both have a rotary table capable of supporting 300 tons. They are also equipped with a hydrostatic support system that gives them inimitable performance.

The new Giana numerical control lathe that can machine diameters up to 1500 mm by 3500 mm in length completes the machine tool department.

Surface treatments

A standard blasting process and painting on demand protect our products from corrosive agents. For a beautiful, as well as functional product.

100% of our products are shotblasted. We have two chain systems plus a room for manual blasting, suitable for bulky parts.

A chain system for manual painting concludes the production cycle. The various stages of the chain passage include: an area for the loading/unloading of the piece, the manual painting chamber, the drying oven and finally a quality control area (1000 lux). The heaviest parts enter the painting process by means of special trolleys.